La Riad Food Theatre

This is the ultimate Moroccan extravaganza! From the moment you arrive at the tower with the red flags and the flaming torches your adventure begins. Our Moroccan guard, in his traditional djellabah, will guide you inside with his candle-lit lantern towards the rose petal strewn pathway, which leads you into an exotic world, filled with an abundance of candles, flowers, rich colours and heady smells. The cascade of coloured glass star light pendants transform the La Riad Conservatory at night into a magical place, yours to savour for the night. We’ve mastered the art of creating customised events, attending to every last detail, leaving you to mingle languidly with your guests and enjoy an elaborate Moroccan food feast, and exotic entertainment which include a traditional Moroccan hand wash ceremony, henna tattoo artist, belly dancing, hookah pipes, and music options. The vibrant colours, exotic aromas and delicious food, together with our warm hospitality cast a magic spell, creating an unforgettable experience.