Moroccan House is the perfect setting for a small untraditional wedding. The exotic ambiance created by the authentic Moroccan d├ęcor, rich colours and the wanton abundance of candles and fresh flowers make this a truly intimate occasion. We create another world for you and your guests, attending to every last detail, leaving you to relax and mingle with all your guests and enjoy every moment of your special day.

Our Moroccan guard, in his traditional djellabah, will meet you at the tower and guide you inside with his candle-lit lantern, it is here that your adventure begins.


La Fontaine Garden Court is transformed by a Bedouin tent and gloriously colourful flower arrangements into an intimate venue for the ceremony.

With a rose petal strewn carpet down the aisle, and the fragrance of rose oil burners filling the air, the atmosphere invokes a timeless quality of mystery, enchantment and enduring fascination.


Your guests mingle on the veranda in the fading light of the day, enjoying exotic cocktails and snacks before entering La Riad for the reception.

The abundance of candles, flowers and rose petals and the cascade of coloured glass star light pendants transforms the venue into a magical place where an elaborate Moroccan food feast awaits.

Seated at low Moroccan tables you and your guests will enjoy true Moroccan hospitality where eating and mingling are paramount.

The vibrant colours, exotic aromas and delicious food, cast a magic spell, creating an unforgettable occasion.

Our Moroccan food feast is presented on platters, each serving a group of 4 guests, creating a wonderful sense of togetherness and sharing.

Through several rotations of beautifully presented silver platters with aromatically spiced relishes, exotic seafood indulgences, scrumptious finger licking tagines you will transverse Morocco, culminating with delectable individually served deserts accompanied by traditional servings of mint tea, Arabic coffee and filled date treats.

This exotic food feast will be an experience long remembered.


To enhance your adventure, we offer a range of exotic entertainment which include a traditional Moroccan hand wash ceremony, henna tattoo artist, belly dancing, hookah pipes, and Moroccan music.